The Paparazzi



By Micro Graphics

Copyright 1989 - Micro Graphics / The Paparazzi   

This restoration repaired missing faces, tears, cracks & fading.

Severe Photo Restoration:          
Priced from $79.95
- Repair severe discoloration or fading
- Reconstruct missing pieces
- Repair severely damaged edges
- Repair creases and torn photos
- Repair or add background
- Repair severe stains or photos stuck to glass
- Reconstruct facial damage       

Additional Services:

-  Add or remove backgrounds
-  Change elements of pictures such as the

   clothing or hair color
-  Remove objects or people

-  Apply Makeup / whiten & repair teeth

-  Create individual portraits
-  Colorizing

-  Separate & salvage water damaged photos


Minor Photo Restoration:

Priced from $39.95

- Remove minor stains, dust, or scratches
- Remove "red eye"
- Repair minor cracks, creases, or tears
- Repair slight fading or discoloration

Moderate Photo Restoration:

Priced from $54.95
- Repair moderate discoloration or fading
- Repair damaged or missing edges
- Remove moderate scratches or tears
- Repair moderate water damage
- Repair creases and partially
torn photos

    (with no missing pieces)
- Repair or add background


The first step in restoration is evaluating the print, artwork or digital file. If the originals are not digitized, that is the first part of the process. Within days of the request, the originals be scanned and returned to the client immediately. Prices below will give you an idea of the typical costs you may expect. At that time, we can also give an accurate quote for the photo restoration, retouching or photo coloring project. Without first seeing the condition of the original image, we can not give an accurate quote. All of our restoration services are covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, and will not be billed until you are completely satisfied with the work.  We will not proceed without first providing you with a quote and receiving a reasonable deposit. You also may rest assured that we will never alter your original.